Nominations of the Star of the Far East Award 2019

«Openness» - To a journalist/publisher who published the most out-of-the-box materials about the development of the Russian Far East.
* «Strategic Development» - To the best investor in the macroregion.

 «The Best Hectare» - For the most effective and original development concept implemented under the Far Eastern Hectare Program.

«The Best Employer» - The company that has had a significant impact on the development of labour migration and job creation.

«Business in Action» - To the CEO of a small-size business who has made the greatest contribution to the development of the region.
«Foreign Investor» - To the best foreign investor in the regions of the Russian Far East.
«Top Manager» - To a representative of the Russian Far East for their contribution to the development of the region.
«Innovations in Technology» -  Companies and people implementing and employing the most effective modern technologies in the region
«Young Lions» - Aspiring entrepreneurs and managers under 30, outstanding in their achievements
«Territorial Development» - Entrepreneurs through whose activities the region receives extra benefits
* «Volunteer of the Year» - To volunteers who come to the rescue in the hour of need and do it best of all
*a special nomination outside the regional selection.